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Research Books for Kent County, Maryland


Court and Probate Records


".... and They Appeared at Court" series

Volume 4.  The courts of Kent County, Maryland  1789-1794

Price: Ebook $13.00

Contents: Court minutes, criminal dockets, bastardy cases, road overseers, indentures, guardian bonds, balances, land commissions, petitions, Trustees of the Poor, licenses to Keep an Ordinary. Exciting detailed business of the court.


Volume 6 - 1792-1815 

Price: Ebook $15.00 Contents: legislation concerning the inhabitants of Talbot, Kent, QA, Caroline and Dorchester counties including divorces, adminstration of estate, orphans estate, new roads, new businesses, name changes, establishment of churches and schools - anything that went before the court


'Orphans, Minors and Heirs" of Kent County, Maryland

Contents: Indentures, Guardian Accounts, Guardian Bonds, Orphans Court Proceedings, Annual Valuations, Distributions of Slaves


Volume 1.  1776-1812   Ebook $15.00

Volume 2.  1821-1826   Ebook $15.00

Volume 3.  1825-1829   Ebook $15.00

Volume 4.  1860-1895   Ebook $15.00

4 Volume set  Ebook  $45.00



Land Records of Kent County  1648-1768

Price:  Ebooks $90.00 for the 23 volume set - contact us for info for purchase of single volumes

Content: Complete abstracts of the land records of Kent County providing grantee, grantor, land name, adjoining land and neighbors, waterways and features, family connections and more. Land Records include deeds, releases, mortgages, bills of sale, deeds of gift, marriage and family contracts, land divisions, orphans valuations and more.  These books are the perfect index for tracking land and families being presented in volumes to coincide with the liber numbers of the original records.


Marriage Records


"Married in Maryland" marriage record series

Content:  alpha by bride and groom, residence, minister and date of license


Volume 1 - 1796-1850  Ebook $15.00

Volume 2 - 1851-1886  Ebook $15.00

Volume 3 - 1850-1874 taken from the Kent News, Chestertown, MD  Ebook $15.00


Church Records


"According to the Church" 1825-1900

Contents: church records for the upper shore counties.  See "All County Books" for description and pricing.




Obituaries and Marriages from the Kent County Newspapers

Transcriptions are as they appeared in the newspapers

Volume 1.  1825-1827  Ebook  $10.00  obits and marriages

Volume 2.  1845-1857  Ebook  $13.00 obits, marriages, news, property sales, etc.  New!   

Volume 3.  1861-1865  Ebook  $13.00  obits, marriages, news, property sales, etc.  New!

Volume 4.  1866-1869  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 5.  1870-1872  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 6.  1873-1875  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 7.  1876-1877  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 8.  1878-1879  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 9.  1880-1881  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 10.1882-1883  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages

Volume 11.1884-1885  Ebook  $13.00  obits and marriages, news, property sales, etc. New! 


"Newspapers of the Upper Eastern Shore" 1800-1801-1802

Contents: News articles, advertisements, marriages, obituaries, court and legislative news all pertaining to the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland from papers Republican Star, Maryland Herald, Gazette, American and Commercial Daily Advertiser. Complete Transcriptions to include in your family history. Great read for the history buff.

Price: Ebook $13.00


"Newspapers of the Eastern Shore" 1835-1850

Contents: Newspapers covering Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot and Caroline counties. Obituaries and marriages, property sales, all local events.

Price: Ebook $20.00


"The Home Front" a series

Contents: newspaper transcriptions from Talbot and Kent county newspapers during the Civil War period.  See "All County Books" for description and pricing.


"The Omega Connections" 1850-1920

Contents: obituaries and marriages from the Upper Shore newspapers for all counties - See "All County Books" for description and pricing.


Vital Records


"Births and Deaths 1865-1884"

Price Ebook $13.00

Contents: Births and Deaths for Kent, Queen Anne's and Caroline counties recorded in the office of the County Circuit Court




"Kent County, Maryland Commission of Slave Statistics 1864"

Price Ebook $13.00

Contents: Name of owner, name of slave, age and sex of slave, physical condition, term of servitude and enlistment in the U.S. Army