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Caroline County Books


Court and Probate Records


"Orphans, Minors and Heirs" of Caroline County

Contents: Annual Valuations, indentures, guardians and orphans, administrations, appointment of administrators and executors, sale of property, terms of apprenticeship, trade to be learned with a lot of family connections including the age of the minors.


Volume 1 - 1774-1790  Ebook $15.00

Volume 2 - 1828-1830 Ebook $15.00


"Heirs and Legatees of Caroline County  1774-1863"

Contents: abstracts of the Land Commissions and Chancery Court indicating families, depositions, ages, land, land division and more.

Price: Ebook $13.00


"Land Records of Caroline County 1774-1874"

Contents: complete abstracts of the land records, bills of sale, deeds, releases, mortgages, contracts with family connections, adjoining property, waterways and landmarks.

Price: $60.00  Ebook of all volumes - for books contact Helen Seymour for availability

Order from: Helen Seymour, 1103 Riverview Terrace, St. Michaels MD 21663


"... and They Appeared at Court" series

Contents: legislation concerning the inhabitants of Talbot, Kent, QA, Caroline and Dorchester counties including divorces, adminstration of estate, orphans estate, new roads, new businesses, name changes, establishment of churches and schools - anything that went before the court.

Volume 6 - 1792-1815  Ebook $13.00



Marriage Records


"Married in Maryland" series of the Marriage Records for Caroline County

Contents: bride, groom, minister, residence, some years provide occupation, status


Volume 1 - 1774-1825  Ebook $15.00 New

Volume 2 - 1826-1865  Ebook $15.00

Volume 3 - 1865-1886  Ebook $15.00

Volume 4 -  1886-1897 Ebook $15.00

4 Volume set including Volumes 1 through 4  - Ebook $45.00


Church Records


"According to the Church" 1825-1900

Contents: church records for the upper shore counties.  See "All County Books" for description and pricing.


Vital Records


"Births and Deaths 1865-1884"

Contents: Births and deaths of Caroline, Queen Anne's and Kent counties taken from the County Circuit Court records. 

Price:  Ebook $13.00




"I Read it in the Denton Journal"

Contents: local events, public auctions, marriages, deaths, businesses, want ads, and more for Caroline county, surrounding counties and news from far beyond! Great read for anyone.


Volume 1 - 1877   Ebook $15.00

Volume 2 - 1882   Ebook $15.00


"Newspapers of the Upper Eastern Shore" 1800-1801-1802

Contents: News articles, advertisements, marriages, obituaries, court and legislative news all pertaining to the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland from papers Republican Star, Maryland Herald, Gazette, American and Commercial Daily Advertiser. Complete Transcriptions to include in your family history. Great read for the history buff.

Price: Ebook $13.00


"Newspapers of the Eastern Shore" 1835-1850

Contents: Newspapers covering Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot and Caroline counties. Obituaries and marriages, property sales, all local events.

See "All County Books" for description and pricing.


"The Home Front" a series

Contents: newspaper transcriptions from Talbot and Kent county newspapers during the Civil War period.  See "All County Books" for description and pricing.


"The Omega Connections" 1850-1920

Contents: obituaries and marriages from the Upper Shore newspapers for all counties - See "All County Books" for description and pricing.




"Odds and Ends"

Contents: Naturalizations, Orphans and Guardians, Insolvent Debtors along with records of Talbot and Queen Anne's county

Price: Ebook $15.00